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Andrei Stoica

Andrei's travels take him from the American Southwest to the rolling hills of Bucovina, Romania. His photography is a celebration of nature's miracles and people's beauty, wherever they're found.

Sedona, Arizona - Devil's Bridge
Apache Junction, AZ - Elvis Chapel
Apache Junction, AZ - Cacti and Snow
Neamt, Romania - Sunset Tree
Gila River, Arizona - Wild Horses
Blue Canyon, Arizona - Hoodoos
Bucovina, Romania - Sunrise
Transylvania, Romania - Shepherd
Vama Veche, Romania - Sunrise
Bucovina, Romania - Old Shepherd
Bucovina, Romania - Charcoal Maker
Viscri, Romania - Morning Rush
Trinidad, Cuba - Up the stairs
Apache Junction, AZ - Broadway Cave
Chandler, Arizona - Blacksmith
Apache Junction, Arizona - GhostTown
Phoenix, Arizona - Sunset Rider
Monument, Valley, AZ-Ear of the Wind
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