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Christmas at the Princess!

One of our new family traditions -- visit the Christmas at the Princess festival, an annual event taking place at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess resort in Scottsdale, AZ. One of the best musical light shows is on display as you enter the resort.

Next to the hotel entrance you'll find what I call the "Magic Forest", which is just great to take a few photos

Once inside, you can stroll through the many light displays peppered around the property

Once the night starts getting a bit chilly, you have a great choice of excellent, albeit pricey, restaurants to choose from. Quick tip: if you use valet parking and spend more than $75 at any property restaurant (not a difficult thing to do!), you'll have the option to get your ticket validated, which saves you $35 for the valet service.

The heated outdoor bars are other great venues to sip a hot drink or just relax and listen to the music accompanying the light shows.

The festival ends on January 1st, so give it a try before it's not late. I know I'll be there in 2017!

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