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Wild Bisti and Where to Find It

The Bisti/De-Na-Zin Wilderness is a rolling landscape of badlands which offers some of the most strange scenery in the American Southwest. Located in New Mexico, Bisti is pretty far from any city, which is why it doesn't see a lot of visitors.

Bisti is a vast enough area to require multiple days of exploration, but I only had one afternoon and had to use it wisely. Starting from the parking lot, it's about an hour of walking in the blistering sun, but when you get there it's all worth it!

There are so many rock formations to photograph, but probably the most inviting ones are the "balanced rocks" that sit on top of a more erosion-prone "pedestal". Their precarious existence is doomed from the beginning, but they make for a great show for us while they last...

The same area hides even more strange formations, many wing-like...

Aliens with aerodynamic helmets...

Petrified tree trunk?

Sea lion?


At every step there's another surprise...

The final moments of the day took me by surprise: an unbelievable sky unfolded over the otherworldly rocks, just glowing at my feet...

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