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A Great Weekend at the Grand Canyon

I've just returned from a quick weekend trip to the Grand Canyon. Why now? Well, the snow falling over the canyon is a show not to be missed... But the promised snow failed to materialize. Instead, the clouds made up for it from morning to sunset.

Just before sunrise, I hiked to one of the lesser known viewpoints, known as Shoshone Point. I was there all by myself to witness the ever changing dynamics of light and clouds over the Greatest Canyon.

Once above the horizon, the sunlight starts to hit the canyon walls...

... all the while the fog was moving in and out of the canyon

And then it appeared! A rare phenomenon -- a circular rainbow, also known as "glory" materialized as I was standing on the edge of the canyon and stayed with me for a few minutes.

After spending the first part of the day taking photos, I started driving back to the Grand Canyon Village to have my well deserved lunch and some rest. But hey, the photo ops just kept on coming! A lone elk was shyly observing my moves so I had to stop and "shoot" back.

The sunset was equally great, this time at Desert View, another great location offering sweeping views of the canyon.

There is never a dull moment at the Canyon and the sunset put on its best light, as expected. Looking forward to another trip here soon!

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