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Waves in Time

Ah, the slot canyons of Arizona! Many visit them nowadays, but to capture the extraordinary hues and shadows playing off their walls remains a challenge for most. Just last week I visited Page, AZ on what was supposed to be a out-of-season trip into Northern Arizona, only to find hordes of tourists assaulting the famous Antelope canyons (Lower and Upper). Even so, there are so many options for photographers in the Page area and Waterhole Canyon is one of them. Not as deep/colorful/famous as Antelope, but it still offers a few nice angles worth a trip...

The narrows of the canyon show off their erosion patterns perfectly, just like waves of stone covering the walls...

A lone, shallow alcove glows in the afternoon light


Various mineral patterns cover the walls throughout the canyon

Ink Patterns

Right above the canyon walls, you can find a few spectacular sandstone formations looking just like petrified waves. They will never crash, but rather take their time to slowly dissolve into the sand at their feet...

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